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About Us

Maya Road was born in 2003 by sisters Caroline and Deborah.  Spending the weekend together, they went shopping for scrapbooking supplies. As they browsed the aisles, they were frustrated by how difficult it was to find unique scrapbooking products and how expensive everything was. They started chatting about products they wanted to see, and brainstormed how they could combine their business knowledge and design skills to create unique products for scrapbooking. Thus, Maya Road was formed.

At first, Maya Road made limited quantities of these products and made them available to other scrapbooking enthusiasts on eBay and through Caroline and Deboarah's individual websites. After much soul-searching, we decided to launch Maya Road nationally with 38 unique products at HIA 2004. Since then we have introduced thousands of new items.

Maya Road was founded on a belief in each person's creative ability and on the commitment to making high-quality products available and affordable to everyone. We believe that crafting should be an everyday event.