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Tulle Twine Brooch

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Hi Roadies! Belly's on the blog again, October is here and I'm glad to have one of my fave products to be featured this month --- twine.

Having a roll of hundred yards twine, you can make use of them in many different kinds of projects, I used the twine on the brooch I made for a wedding dinner this time.

Actually you can say this brooch is a stack of embellishments, ha. At the bottom of this stack, there is a piece of Lilac Vintage Burlap Trim, and a piece of Mini Triangle Banner Canvas glued on a brooch pin. On top of these, you can see the Purple Vintage Crafting Tassels and a vintage key.

Ok then, continuing the stack, twine was the next elements. I wanted the twine to be visible on the brooch, so I made it like tassels but not cut at the ends, I made two. Finally come to the top, which is also one of my fave - Tu-Tu Tulle Flower, this make the brooch attractive. You want to make one also? Sure, it's easy, and so you can change the color tone to blue, green or orange, many combination you can choose from Maya Road products.



Thanks for stopping by :)

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