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Maya Road Guest Designer: Hannah Lemieux & Travelers Notebook Inspiration

Hey Roadies! We're back for another inspiring creation from our latest Guest Designer, Hannah Lemieux! If you missed her stunning mini album be sure to check it out here. We guarantee you'll look at trim in a totally new way!

Hannah shares a stunning mixed media style travelers notebook spread today with us. We are amazed at all the gorgeous texture and detail on this. What a wonderful way use combine Maya Road and artistic expression! Have you ever tried creating in mixed media or designing a notebook?

Thanks so much Hannah for joining us again today! Take it away...

Travelers Notebook Inspiration by Hannah Lemieux

This past year, I have been creating in Traveler’s Notebooks much more. I really love this size, especially when I am using mixed media. I really have fallen in love with mixed media in a new or should I say an old way again. When I first started scrapbooking I used media on every single layout and spread I made. It was my favorite part about creating. Pulling out the paint and the stencils and getting messy. 
Flash forward to the present and I have learned how to add media to my projects that really helps me tell my story. I also have figured out how to use mixed media in a cleaner way. Using Traveler’s Notebooks have made that possible. It has given me the chance to play with only mixed media and get really messy. I also have played around with a bit of media and photos and chunky embellishments. The smaller amount of space has made doing these kinds of spreads less intimidating letting me have the freedom to learn and grow creatively. 
If I could give you only one piece of advice, it’s to practice, practice, practice and play. Give yourself the freedom on some space that has no boundaries. A space like the a Traveler’s Notebook has given me that freedom, if the spread turns out funky then I can take off the embellishments and start all over. It’s just a page, and I can take it out, or turn the page and forget all about it except to learn what I don’t like. What works and what doesn’t. 
Here is a fun spread I made in one of my favorite Traveler’s Notebooks. Its a teal Midori Notebook. I love the fun color to start off, it helps with that white page syndrome, and plays off my creative nature. 


I started off with some texture paste and Shimmerz paste mixed together (to make it a thicker consistency) with a small X stencil. I used just part of the stencil so I didn’t get any lines from the edges of the stencil. I feel like this gives a more organic look, for my taste. I added this paste in many different parts of the TN. 
I then added a few different layers of acrylic paint that is thicker. I like a full body paint so I can get some texture of the paint brush bristles. I layered different colors in different directions on the pages. 
I used a combo of aqua and coral colors. I used different shades of these colors too. This helps builds the layers on the background. This is the key to my spreads. I love the foundation it lays for when I start adding embellishments and photos if I choose to use those. There are definitely sometimes when I decide that my background would look better with just embellishments. I definitely thought about that for this spread. I knew I wanted to incorporate this awesome metal key and some Ken Oliver bronze numbers. 
Before we start talking about embellishments though lets finish going through my background. I had so much fun building these layers, even though they are really simple. It goes to show you don’t need a lot products or complicated media to get cool results. 
On the top left and the bottom right I used a big thick bristle paint brush to paint on some coral texture paste. I only added a little so it wasn’t heavy and looked much more like paint. Like I mentioned I am really building layers. I knew this would look good with the thicker body acrylic paint I added with a thin point bottle. I used a darker color of coral over top of the stencil and darker colored aqua paint. Moving the bottle back and forth a few times to paint zig zag lines in an inch or so area. I knew only a bit of this paint will show but that is the neat part. Your eye will fill in the rest of the space even if you can’t see it. 
Over top of the coral paint when it was mostly dry, I hate waiting for paint to dry, don’t you? If you don’t want your paint to mix I would wait for it to dry completely but I actually don’t mind if they mix a little. In fact it could give a cool effect if they do mix. I have been inspired by grid’s lately. Using my fine line bottle I have black and blue acrylic paint mixed half and half with airbrush medium to make the paint thinner. Then I just drew lines with my bottle, and I went the opposite way the coral paint lines went. I also made sure there was space between the lines. With the coral and black paint looks like a grid. 
These media areas are the perfect foundation for my embellishments. 
Let’s take a look at those:
At the top left I layered some patterned paper behind a small photo of some Ancestry DNA results I got back this month. At the top of the photo I layered a wood veneer with a heart cut out with a Maggie Holmes sticker flag and a Ken Oliver bronze number 2. I added some embroidery thread in the hole at the top of the number for more texture. 
On the copper clip on the side of my page, holding the pages closed, I added a suede white tassel with some Maggie Holmes coral mini tassels.I added them to a mini starry pin, which work so well for threading these tassels. I love the flare they add to my page!!
I have a feeling I will be using tassels a lot in my near future, that’s how much I love them. 
 For the right side I added a gold metallic frame and layered a flower made from the flower steel dies. I love these flowers there are tons of sizes and bits so you can create different looks with just the same die. I added two of these flowers on my spread. also on the flower I layered thread, a sticker and a vellum butterfly. Above the frame I added a metal key, which I thought was super cool that the numbers were also my birth year. I couldn’t have planned that better. 
For my photo, I layered it really similar to the first photo. I used a piece of the flower die cut, a Maggie Holmes sticker tag, and a Ken Oliver bronze number. I added embroidery thread to the tag instead of the number. I really like to mimic similar aspects on both sides of my spread. 
I added an acrylic token on the bottom of the photo with a immigration sticker from Maggie Holmes under it. I thought it would look neat seeing the sticker from under the clear token.  
To hold my pages together on this side I used a steal clip. I really like how the different metals look. It really helps give my spread a homemade scrapbook feel, especially since it’s about my Ancestry love. I love doing Ancestry research and finding old family stories and seeing how my family has lived throughout the years. It was really cool to see it in my DNA too. Seeing where my families were from and how that makes me who I am. 
To finish off this spread, I added this other steal die cut flower with a pink fabric bow. I layered a sticker tag and some more thread. I added that Me wood veneer from an Ali Edwards Story Kit from my stash.  
Be on the look out on my Youtube Channel for a process video for this spread. You can watch me play and put it together. 
On my youtube channel you can find so many other process videos of my mixed media TN spreads.  I look forward to playing with more Maya Road products throughout the month, so keep an eye on my Youtube Channel and Instagram acct so you can see all the projects I make this month using Maya Road products!! It has been a pleasure to share with you my style and projects I hope I have inspired you to play and use your products in ways that make you happy and help tell the stories you want to remember.
Hannah Lemieux 

Thanks so much Hannah for guest designing for Maya Road! We've loved being able to share your beautiful and oh so inspiring creations!

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