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Christmas Mini Pallet

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Hi there!  Katrina with a quick little Christmas DIY decor project that would be great for a girl's night together to celebrate the holidays!!

A 4x4 inch wooden pallet, a 3.5x3.5 inch piece of pattern paper, some embellishments, ribbon or twine and you are set!  

I cut the pattern paper smaller than the pallet, because I wanted the pallet to show for that handmade, homey look.  You can't really see it but I used some of the mini pompom trim at the bottom.  You could also use the double dot crochet trim for this. 

After I had gotten this far, I remembered that I wanted this to have a hanger!  So I pulled out some of the Ken Oliver Jute Craft String and ran it behind my pattern paper.  I tied a knot and then made the bow.  This way, I was able to leave the ends of the bow a little longer and dangling!  

Now, back to the pallet decorating!  I attached a flower in the bottom center, along with some of the Vintage Paper Leaves in white.  A white flower would look beautiful also, and I almost went that way!  I also added a resin deer next to the flower.  A bird would also be adorable and I wavered on that decision.

And then of course, I needed a saying and the Merry Christmas die did the trick!  I used some foam that had double sided adhesive and die cut the Merry Christmas out of it.  Then I removed the top adhesive protective sheet from the foam that I had die cut and used a gold foil transfer sheet to transfer the gold to the foam.  Then I just peeled off the protective backing and adhered to my pattern paper.  The foam gives the die cut some dimension and the foil gives it sparkle! 

Now I just need the perfect place to hang it!  Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!  Thanks for stopping by.


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